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Wick Love Candles


About Wick Love Candles 


Wick Love Candles is a handmade candle company based in Northern Virginia. This company is owned and operated by me, Trinity Perkins, and my 4-legged office assistant, Ace!

Wick Love Candles are made with the highest quality, non-toxic, fragrant oils and 100% soy wax. All candles are hand-poured in small batches to preserve the integrity of each ingredient. Each candle is made with a cotton-core, wax-coated wick that gives off the strongest possible scent. The melted wax can be applied directly to the skin for a smoothing, fragrant, skin moisturizer.

I love candles! I'm a health coach and fitness enthusiast so I take pride in knowing my candles contribute to your well being, not only to help you relax after a long day, but to be safely lit in your home without emitting soot and toxins into your environment. Thank you for visiting my site! [Have questions? Visit Wick Love's Frequently Asked Questions


There's a Wick Love Candle for everyone.

*NEW Fragrance* - Fraser Fir - Just in time for the holidays!

Select fragrances now available in 10 oz hex jars